Cash for the Cartels

Officer Tiziana Riccitelli-Snyder stands vigilant as she patrols the pedestrian walkway of the San Ysidro port of entry. If CBP officers and agents missed the cartel’s product going into the United States, then here is their chance to catch the profit coming out. The only problem? Finding out which of the thousands of daily pedestrian crossers is hiding the goods. Riccitelli thinks that she may have a prime suspect when she detains a suspicious young man at the border—and a careful examination reveals that she’s hit a payload of over 60,000 dollars in suspected contraband profits.

Border WarsDirty Money” premieres September 29th at 9P et/pt.

Video Preview: “Money for the Cartels” — A Border Patrol agent spots a man smuggling thousands in cash for the drug cartels.