Cool Dog Tricks

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Can your dog do tricks? Roscoe knows how to eat like a champ and Moose will high-five for a snack. That’s about it. But check out these video clips of dogs doing some pretty awesome tricks…

In this video below, this dog does all sorts of tricks with a skateboard. Just goes to show how positive reinforcement training can teach your pooch some pretty amazing things!

Got a dog with an appetite? Think he could hold a treat on his nose for fifteen seconds without gobbling it down? Here’s Super Turbo performing a treat trick, a video appreciated by almost two million people.

This Bull Mastiff knows all sorts of cool tricks, from sneezing on command, to opening doors, to even saying the word ‘Momma.’

And Peach, below, can toss an empty beer can in the garbage, open the fridge, retrieve an unopened can of beer, holding it upright gently in her mouth, hand it off to her owner and then shut the door to the fridge. I wonder how many people wish Peach was around during Monday Night Football?!

Almost three million people have checked out this video clip of a one-year old pug taking a dramatic stumble and playing dead.

Does your dog dig music? Stella the Boston Terrier is a fan of hip hop.

If your pets are playful like mine, toys are all over the house. But Golden Retriever Grace does one cool trick – she runs around, picks up her toys and puts them in a basket. When she’s found them all, she even closes the basket’s lid and takes a seat on the floor.

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