Cat Facts

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Everything about the cat makes it a stealth predator. When it falls, it lands on its feet nearly every time. They have incredible night vision and they can hear at a higher frequency than canines. Cats can run at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, and have retractable claws designed to clutch prey with ease.

Not only is this species skilled at hunting, cats have adapted to all sorts of environments and circumstances. They can coexist with people, live on the edge of urban communities or even survive distant from human settlements.

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As a species, they have a dark presence in the history books, seeped in superstition. It’s been said that black cats are evil. And cats have taken the blame for not only bad luck, but the spread of the Bubonic Plague.

So where – and when in history – did the feral cat become domesticated? Researchers are conducting studies to get some answers.

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Photo Credits: Jodi Kendall