Bat Exodus

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Every evening just before sunset, millions of nocturnal bats emerge from Gomantong Cave to feed on insects and fruits in the rainforest. These three videos reveal bats caught in the act of exiting different caves in massive numbers…

Just a few weeks ago, during a Terra Incognita ecotour to Borneo, I had the opportunity to observe a bat exodus at Gomantong Cave in Malaysian Borneo. This particular cave is divided into two complexes – called Black and White – and is home to millions of bats. Some spaces within this living cave soar to almost 300 feet in height. 

At just around 5:30pm, swiftlets began to dart around the sky, and the exiting bats emerged in soft, hazy billows from a secondary cave opening.

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blog post photo

This bat exodus, below, is a clip from YouTube that reveals bats emerging from Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park. The number of bats present in this video is truly spectacular, as their collective mass resembles coils of smoke.  

And check out this incredible film clip, below, of bats pouring from the mouth of a cave in Thailand.

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Learn more about bats and plan an ecotour to Borneo to witness a cave exodus for yourself!

Photo Credits: Jodi Kendall