Killer Bees and Japanese Monster Movies

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by Diana Donnelly
Associate Producer

For Nat Geo Amazing!, we try to take you around the world and back, but sometimes in the course of scouring the world for stories, we find ourselves much closer to home. For this episode, I ended up working with an expert underwater cinematographer located just a few miles from where I grew up in a small town in Florida. Our series producer traveled back to her homeland of Scotland for our segment on Ghost Science. And our segment on the strength of egg shells was filmed here in a studio at National Geographic Headquarters.

For some of our stories in far flung places (at least far flung for us located in Washington, D.C.) such as the making of a movie in Japan or coal walking in India, things came together fairly easily. On the other hand, some of the greatest challenges for this episode came after the shooting was done. A lot of paperwork gets pushed around to clear a program for broadcast and sometimes our experts, daredevils and participants are on the move. To get the final clearances for our Giant manta ray story, we always seemed to be one step behind our expert as we placed calls to London, United Arab Emirates and Australia. And it wasn’t convenient for the paragliding twins to get us all the materials and agreements we needed as they traveled around Europe and the U.S. doing their amazing stunts. They never seemed to be in the same place twice! Luckily, the very not exciting side of production didn’t get in the way of a show that we hope you find entertaining and hopefully shows you something you haven’t seen before!

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