"Just Sky Diving?"

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by Diana Donnelly
Associate Producer

If you walk by the production offices of Nat Geo Amazing!, some conversations you might overhear on a typical day include: “Yeah, I’ve got the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich, but what I’m looking for is Jesus on fish stick… do you have that?” or “Oh, another NG team is already covering the noodling [fishing using your own hand as bait] competition next week so we don’t have to send our own crew” or “Just sky diving? We’ve got a story about a combination of speed skiing and paragliding in this episode, so just sky diving isn’t going to cut it.”

This episode of Nat Geo Amazing! was a challenge to assemble. Some stories were the result of months of effort to clear footage through legal hurdles. But we’re proud to feature some of the best content that has aired on the National Geographic Channel, such as the Fight Science and Monster Fish series. I’m also extremely proud to showcase the efforts of National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore, who has worked for years to capture some of the most threatened, and possibly already extinct, wildlife on earth.


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