One Pet’s Trash is Another Pet’s Treasure

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by Katie Noonan
Associate Producer

Episode 1: Pet Project

Here’s the thing about smell — no amount of warning can prepare you for actually experiencing it. Getting ready to film at TerraCycle, you get a lot of warning, sure, but until you walk in, you never really know.

And when you first walk in, it doesn’t hit you, and you build up a false sense of nose-security. Then you walk to the back, and it. HITS. you. And it’s a specific stench: sorted garbage. A new, more horrifying smell with every step. Like a rainbow of putrescence. Quite a delight.

But who would write a blog entry about smell? Certainly not me. This is a blog about Nerf guns and how awesome they are.

The crew at TerraCycle turned us on to these pellet-shooting beauties when we started filming the latest episode. Next thing you know, it’s Pew-Pewville back at the office. Need to make a decision? Target practice will decide. Want someone’s lunch as your own? Pews FTW.

Sure, someone got hit right in the eyeball. But then the rest of us knew to wear glasses.

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So my advice to you, a cubicle dweller fighting for life in a fluorescent Petri dish, get yourself a Nerf gun, activate your force field, and dominate the office. [Note: Sound effects automatically give you the edge.]

Video Preview: “Thinking like a Dog” — The team has only 2 weeks to design an entire line of pet products using pet food bags — and it’s making them a little crazy.

Garbage Moguls Pet Project premieres August 21st at 8P et/pt.

Episode 2: Fishy Business
My favorite part of TerraCycle is the art. There’s art everywhere, with grafitti making up the majority. Beautiful, colorful, expressive, ever-changing graffiti.

But then there’s the garbage. Once you go beyond the smell [eventually your nose reaches a shut off point], you begin to realize that this garbage is stunning.

Right as you enter, your eyes are greeted with a unique treat. Design upon design, the cubicles  are adorned with wrapper remnants, each creating their own separate world in half-walls of space.

Traveling further back, into the conference room, TerraCycle items are displayed along the walls, transforming simple tables into stunning landscapes of shapes, texture, and function. This room is where it hits you, TerraCyle products are not just cool and quirky trinkets, they are art in one of its sincerest forms: interpretation. Here they are before you, products made that perform a function entirely different than what they were created for. From idea to invention, right before your eyes.

Turning the corner, into the stinkiest of all stink zones, the most beautiful section of all, the wrapper roll stacks. If you’ve got any slice of imagination, this place can be Candy Land, a dungeon floor adorned with death spikes, a giant bowl of Lucky Charms, if you can think it, this place can be it. And you can even climb them, which, lets just face it, is super fun.

Even out back, there’s a lovely grassy knoll, surrounded by grafittied walls that transport you from the back of an office building to the surface of a canvas, the center of a comic book, perhaps even the end of the rainbow.

You sigh a contented sigh. And then, you get hit in the face with a Nerf pellet.

Video Preview: “Catching Fish with Music” — The team at TerraCycle comes finds a brilliant new way to use discarded CDs — fishing lures!

Garbage Moguls Fishy Business premieres August 21st at 9P et/pt.

On Shooting at TerraCycle
Haiku’s by Eliza Silverman, Associate Producer

Location first day
Colors graffiti the wall
Smells a lot like trash

Employee’s work hard
Everyone is kind and warm
Albe talks a lot

I cannot believe
Terracycle people are
On screen just the same

Think Tank is so cold
I need a suit like Milton’s
Cannot feel my toes

Learn about waste streams
Too much trash on this Earth so
Look at what they made!!!

Many things to do
Daniel needs new HD tape
I labeled them all

Caroline makes calls
Jeremy follows with boom
We eat lunch outside

I didn’t realize
The incredible impact
Chip bags to plastic

In the design room
Amazing product dresses
A lot to look at

Princeton store is great
Many cool things I would buy
Billboard bag is mine

Albe and Tom are
Quite the pair when together
Roll my eyes a lot

Who can decide if
It’s trash waste or garbage
Rubbish rubbish bin

It’s a trash trashcan
Or a rubbish rubbish bin
Garbage garbage can

Interviewing Tom
A Nerf gun shot to his face
My proudest moment

Had fun in Trenton
Jersey highways confusing
Hope to go back soon