Funny Yoga

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In this episode of Nat Geo Amazing! we take you around the globe and back. From extreme mountain biking in Turkey, to surfing the wake of tanker ships in the Gulf of Mexico, to a laughing club in India, our bizarre, yet fascinating world is on display. Join the adventure and learn something new along the way.

In the Indian capital of New Delhi, some people are taking their health seriously by participating in organized laughing. They are actually followers of Hasya Yoga and this is no joke. They believe laughing keeps their body and mind invigorated and youthful. Rounds of giggles lead to sets of belly laughs and the enjoyment appears to be contagious.

In the Cappadocia region of Turkey, mountain bikers have found a landscape that is perfect for extreme tricks. Millennia of wind and rain have created natural ramps and jumps in the rocky, moon-like surface. A group of intrepid stunt riders travel to this remote location to shoot an action film. The only problem? Miss a landing and this rocky terrain is unforgiving to the body. Put on your helmet and join the ride.

In Cambodia, some children have improved their quality of life by joining the Circus! Children that once scavenged in the streets for food, now receive a salary for going to school, not for math and science, but for circus acrobatics!

Video Preview: “Circus School” — Check out the school where tightrope walking is as common as multiplication tables.

What do you do if you love to surf, but the closest body of water is relatively placid? Some die hard surfers along the Gulf of Mexico have taken to following in the wake of supertankers. These huge ships leave long wakes that can mean rides that last half an hour! But watch out. Container ships are all business and if something goes wrong these surfers are miles away from shore.
Natural Geographic Grantee Zeb Hogan travels to Thailand to do research on the elusive, and massive, freshwater sting ray. Watch as Zeb and his team try to find and tag one of these impressive fish that can reach the size of a dinner table! But it won’t be easy. A single freshwater sting ray can weigh more than a half ton and a swipe of its tail can prove deadly.

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