Man vs Typhoon

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Titan Salvage is tasked with the removal of the Colombo Queen, a 497 ton oil tanker, from Taiwan’s protected coastline. They appoint Albert Dai, a naval architect of 15 years who is confident that he can refloat the tanker. However, he knows he’s up aganist a force even he cannot control — The Western Pacific’s typhoon season. Completely exposed on the rocks, the Colombo Queen is completely unprotected from the elements, and as feared, a typhoon has been picked up on the radar, and is reportedly heading their way. The typhoon in question is typhoon Morakot, which has claimed over 600 lives and caused devastation throughout the country.

Will Albert Dai and salvage master Paul Hansen be able to refloat the vessel in time? Or will the Queen be left to fend for herself against one of the most devastating typhoons to hit Taiwan in over 50 years?

Video Preview: “Avoiding an Oil Spill” — Salvagers rush to board and study an overturned wreck barge before her oil tanks rupture.

Meanwhile, in the much more docile environment of Bridgeport, Connecticut — salvage master Shelby Harris has been tasked with the unusual salvage operation of raising a potential dry dock onto dry land. But this is no ordinary dry dock; Shelby and his team will be attempting to raise the 2,800 ton hull of an old shipping vessel, which lies in the middle of the Bridgeport ferry route.

Video Preview: “Lifting Tons of Steel” — The Titan team learns that the huge dock needs to be lifted 2 more inches off the ground. Easy right? Not when you’re lifting 2800 tons.

Salvage Code Red Typhoon Alley premieres August 12th at 8P et/pt.