Monkeys in Diapers

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There are over 15,000 monkey owners in the United States; for many of them their monkey is not a pet, but their child, or “monkid.” For the monkid families, this strange and controversial practice is an everyday normality. Monkeys are 85% human after all. Many “Monkey Moms” are “empty nesters” looking to relive the fun of raising kids. Others, find their adorable human toddlers grow up too quickly, and want a “forever baby.”

See just how far these monkeys have come from their treetop habitat to diapers and strollers as we explore this growing phenomenon.

Video Preview: “Owning a Wild Animal” — monkeys adopted into families as human babies; eating what humans eat and wearing what humans wear.

Video Preview: “Can Primates be Human Babies” — They wear diapers and ride in strollers, but they’re not babies — they’re “monkids.” Is it love or cruelty to animals?

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