When Zeus Gets Angry

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Lightning is nature’s most striking natural phenomenon; yet it remains shrouded in mystery. NGC’s Naked Science presents how researchers around the world are unveiling the secrets of this powerful force of nature. In Florida, scientists launch small rockets into storm clouds to provoke lightning strikes for detailed analysis. And in South Dakota, they chase thunderstorms to film lightning flashes with special high speed video cameras to reveal the origin, evolution and progression of lightning bolts. The resulting ultra slow-motion videos stretch one real-time second — the longest duration of a lightning flash — up to seven minutes, showing spectacular details never seen before.

Video Preview: Lightning Flash Hunters — Travel to Darwin, Australia to meet a man who’d do just about anything to capture a lightning bolt on camera.

Video Preview: How to get Struck by Lightning — Scientists explain both how and how not to get yourself into an extremely electrifying situation. Rule number one? Stay in bed.

Naked Science Lightning Chasers premieres August 5th at 10P et/pt.