The Devil’s Bible

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In the early 13th century, a monk disobeys the rules at a Bohemia Benedictine monastery. His punishment is to be walled up alive. But the monk pleads for his life. “I’ll write a book that will glorify the monastery forever,” he says, “a book that contains all human knowledge.” But that night, the monk despairs and calls on the Devil for help. The next morning, he emerges with the Codex Gigas.

Video Preview: “From the Bible to Magic Potions” — It’s very big, very very old, and there’ is no other book in the world quite like it.

Video Preview: “The Devil’s Bible is an Enigma” — One of the most mysterious texts ever written gives detailed instructions for confronting the devil.


Video Preview: “Super-Human Scribe” — After a thorough analysis, researchers discover that this massive 165-pound medieval manuscript was written by one man.


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