Notes from a Dog Walker

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Dog walkers feed, walk and play with beloved pets while their owners are at work or on vacation. A day in the life of a dog walker can often be a mysterious experience, known only between human and canine.

Because of this, dog walkers often leave behind letters with specific grading systems that rate a pup’s behavior (such as a real life note that once read: Cody: A-, Bailey: A-. Nobody is perfect). Others might check off simple lists of accomplished duties (like giving prescription meds to the dog).

But as an added personal touch, some devoted dog walkers leave pet owners sweet little notes to share about their furry friend’s day.

In Baltimore, Maryland, dog walker Katie (Luv My Pet) regularly cares for a yellow lab named Bailey, owned by the von Staden’s.

Here are a few excerpts from Katie’s dog walking journal that chronicles her adventures with Bailey over a period of one year:

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Photo Credits: Danielle von Staden>


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