Living Like a Monkey

Julie Anderson and wilderness expert Guy Grieve trek into the African jungle to study the elusive red-capped mangabey monkey. They get settled into the treetop shelter where they will live for six weeks to be closer to the monkeys and safe from predators at night. As Guy works to make their new home livable, hunting and gathering food and water, Julie must establish trust with the monkeys to get close enough to study them. Before long, Julie gains insight into monkey hierarchy and eating habits.

Living Like a Monkey airs on Nat Geo Wild Sunday July 25 at 8P et/pt.

Video Preview: As the cameraman jumps into crocodile-infested waters to film mangabeys, Guy can’t help but fear for his safety… sort of.


  1. sd0412
    March 3, 2011, 1:17 am

    Can anyone tell me who the narrator is for this episode? It sounds like Emily Deschanel.