Inside the World of Drugs

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Drugs affect millions of people in our world every day. Illegal ones — like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and heroin — are some of the most impactful.

In the upcoming miniseries Drugs, Inc., Nat Geo goes inside the world of these four substances, telling the stories of growers and producers, traffickers, dealers, users, cops, and doctors who live in the world of drugs.

The first two episodes, Cocaine and Meth, air this Sunday July 11 starting at 8P et/pt.

Video Preview: “The Life of a Coca Farmer” — While the Colombian drug cartels make millions, the farmers who sell them the cocaine paste struggle to survive.

Video Preview: “Dealing Crack on the Street” — Meet Chronic, a 28 year-old drug dealer introduced into Miami gangs at an early age.

Video Preview: “DIY Methamphetamine” — Many meth addicts are making meth alone in home labs using the one-pot method, endangering themselves and their families.

Video Preview: “Meth Lab Explosion” — A devastating meth lab explosion sent this man to the hospital with severe burns, confining him to a lifetime of medical care.