Monkeys Raid Rickshaw

Bipin and the Galta gang splinter group wake in an abandoned temple on the edge of Jaipur. There’s nothing to eat or drink, and last night they heard terrifying sounding creatures prowling the fields nearby. Troop leader Devdan faces the biggest decision of his life. Should he lead his gang back to Jaipur, or risk taking them deeper into the countryside?

New episodes of Rebel Monkeys airs on Nat Geo Wild Wednesday July 7 starting at 8P et/pt.

Video Preview of tonight’s Rebel Monkeys premiere: In the face of dwindling resources, Bippin and the splinter gang manage to steal rice away from a napping rickshaw driver.


  1. Harold waterman
    January 12, 2013, 12:06 am

    I watched the “Rebel Monkeys” for many years now and I can’t help but wonder if the Indian government is taking steps t help protect the future lives of the Monkeys in these locations. Many of them look very hungry and physically damaged. One solution would be to plant more fruit and nut trees in these regions so that the monkeys will be better fed. The other option would be to plant more of what they eat in their natural environments, then transplant them to those locations. After all, Humans are the ones who are encroaching on their territories.