Taking Lethal Action

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For those sworn to serve and protect, a shootout is a last resort against criminals bent on doing harm. But sometimes, action must be taken.

In “Lethal Action,” we’ll go inside three high-profile shootouts to see how split second decisions and twists of fate determined who lived, and who died.

From a bank heist in Hollywood, to a Taliban revolt in an Afghan fort, and raging drug war in Colombia — meet the key players involved and find out how the dramatic events unfolded.

Video Preview: The Most Ruthless Druglord — How far will one of Colombia’s most wanted druglords go to resist being captured by the US government?

Video Preview: Shootout in the Streets — Two policemen foil an armed bank robbery, resulting in a dangerous shootout in the middle of North Hollywood.

Don’t miss the new episode Inside: Lethal Action, this Wednesday June 30 at 8P et/pt.