Dog Whisperer Voting!

Vote for your favorite episodes of Dog Whisperer every week!

Each week the episode you choose will air the following Friday at 8P et/pt.

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Every two weeks, starting with Season One, we will feature all the episodes from a season of the Dog Whisperer and each week, a favorite will be selected, giving us two top favorites per season. In the final week, we will take the top six winners from your previous picks and ask you to vote on the “Best In Show” champion — your all-time favorite episode of the Dog Whisperer!

So vote for your favorite episodes of Dog Whisperer now, and as often as you like!


  1. Jack Wedderburn
    Alexandria VA
    April 24, 2013, 6:28 pm

    The best dog whisperer episode is the Misunderstood dog breeds episode!!!