Circular Skyscraper

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by Yasemin Rashit, Assistant Producer

Aldar HQ construction is an interesting place. Incredibly orderly and neat for a construction site, one wonders if they cleaned it up because they knew we were coming. Before entering the actual construction area we pass through the makeshift Porto-cabin offices and are greeted by the clinical smell of TCP. Having dumped our bags and excess camera equipment in our designated area, we don our hard hats, high visibility jackets, and steel toe-cap shoes and head out onto the site.

The factory has been set-up on site, as the team have just ten months to install 25,000 pieces of glass onto the building. The on-site factory specialises in assembling the glass panels in preparation for huge panes of glass being installed onto the building. It’s a perfect operation, located opposite the HQ building and just five minutes drive away, it works like clockwork, endlessly supplying the construction team with glass until they have completed their task.

The open plan and airy factory is really more like a canopy without walls, and whilst it is absolutely baking, as a result of the machine activity and 45 degree heat of the sun, there is a gentle breeze which is a welcome relief to all of the workers, and our crew who jump about capturing the action unfolding before them. All of the workers are really friendly and keen to be on camera, often looking straight down the lens of the camera, much to the frustration of the director and cameraman. “Shoo, look away, carry on with your work,” they explain. “It’s really important that we film you working without you appearing to notice the camera.” 

Whether they understand or not, it’s clear that a film crew in the middle of the desert on a construction site is definitely a turn up for the books. Nevertheless, the men oblige and return to their work and we get all of our shots needed. Which is just as well as we need to power across the site in the midday sun, up into the building we’ll ascend to film a sequence of the glass façade being installed onto the building itself.

Video Preview: Skyscraper Wind Test

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