Dog Eats Barbeque Skewer

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When a sick Labrador retriever named Yankee arrived at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center back in 2006, doctors were appalled at what they discovered in her body: a barbeque skewer had perforated Yankee’s stomach and pierced her heart.

It had happened months before: Yankee ate a steak kabob on Halloween. Yankee’s owners, the Stazzones, said that she “grabbed one, practically inhaling the whole thing. Immediately she was sick and throwing up, [but] everything cleaned up was steak… no stick.”

This one event led to a long list of consequences. Yankee had surgery to remove part of the bamboo skewer from her stomach. And while her health improved initially, within two months’ time Yankee’s vigor was rapidly deteriorating.

By January, seven-year-old Yankee arrived at VMC in an inexplicably poor condition. Nikki Hackendahl, D.V.M., a small animal internal medicine resident at UF at the time, reported that Yankee was anemic and had a heart murmur. She immediately called veterinary cardiologist Amara Estrada, D.V.M for a consultation. Together – with the help of colleagues at Shands Health Care – they performed an echocardiogram on Yankee that led to a fascinating and critical discovery: an odd, linear shape in the heart.

In a collaborative procedure between UF vets and physicians, Yankee had open heart surgery to remove the barbecue skewer. Renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Mark Bleiweis, performed the operation. Yankee was on bypass for 55 minutes to pinpoint the exact location of the skewer, and the entire operation lasted about five hours.

Bleiweis said of the procedure, “I’m really proud of what we did, and that we were able to put this many people from so many specialties together to save this dog’s life. I’m an animal owner, and this is someone’s family member.”

The medical team was able to successfully remove the skewer and rebuild the damaged heart valve. And despite the infection, Yankee did so well during the procedure that she was off the ventilator, out of the operating room, and standing on all fours that very same day. Yankee recuperated for about a week at the VMC small animal intensive care unit before she was released.

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  1. Junior DeAlmeida
    May 23, 2013, 3:21 am

    I have a situation here! My dog has being coughing (seems like she needs to get rid of something, that may be stuck in her mouth or somewhere going to or inside her stomach. She is taking medicine from the vet.
    I took her to the vet and, after the blood work and her internal temperature, she looks great! She showed some improvement with the antibiotics and coughing medicine. But now, after taking the doctors pills, she is coughing still and eating grass. Should I give her more antibiotics and coughing pills until these symptoms disappear?