Monkey Trap

Stories of elusive monkeys – such as Tampa’s fugitive primate – exist around the globe. But when wild rhesus macaques become greedy urban troublemakers, how do you set a monkey trap? 

A troop of rowdy rhesus macaque monkeys have taken over Jaipur’s Galta temple, living in comfort within its walls. Other nearby rhesus gangs fight for the privilege of luxury, and these battles often result in bloodshed.

In India, Hindus regard the rhesus monkey as sacred, and this species is generally left undisturbed – but the Jaipur government has hired a monkey catcher, Dhanna Lal, to catch and relocate the monkeys terrorizing the city. And even though this animal catcher has successfully trapped everything from small birds to wolves, many members of this particular rhesus macaque troop have avoided capture.

How does a red-faced, under 30-pound monkey outwit an experienced hunter? Well, the rhesus macaque is a highly intelligent species. They are skilled climbers and swimmers. It’s believed that they can even remember the face of another. And, this rebellious gang knows to be aware of capture.

So will Dhanna Lal ever succeed at seizing these troublemaking temple-dwellers? Catch episodes of Rebel Monkeys to find out if his newest trap does the trick. Tune into Nat Geo WILD on Wednesday, May 19th at 8PM ET/PT.


  1. sschwab
    June 16, 2010, 3:33 am

    I absolutely love this show and record it and watch it religiously. My two persian cats also love to watch Rebel Monkeys! I would love it if a fund was created to feed these monkeys and care for them. I would definitely donate! I hope this show continues for many seasons!