The Stuffed Animal

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By Thomas Cullen Johnson, My Dog Ate What Associate Producer

Jackson is a very sweet and affectionate dog.  He is a little bit older now and moves a little slower due to arthritis.  Yet, it didn’t seem to matter to Jackson.  Jackson was just happy to have some new friends there, meaning us, the production crew; lots of petting for Jackson. 

A while ago, Jackson wasn’t in such high spirits.  After eating the stuffing from a toy animal, Jackson had to go to the veterinary hospital.  For the re-enactment, Producer Anne Marie Robinson ingeniously substituted cotton candy for the stuffing.  It looked authentic and convincing.  And Jackson was more than happy to do multiple takes! 

During the endoscopy scenes, take a look at the show and see if you can pick up on anything that might not look quite right.  When Dr. Sadanaga scopes Jackson, Jackson has a stunt double. 

Dr. Sadanaga’s Care Coordinator, Star O’Connor has a dummy dog to demonstrate CPR and that’s the stunt double used for Jackson.  Our Executive Producer Cindy Connors thinks that it looks fake, too fake.  It’s only on screen for a few moments.  Honestly could you tell?  Okay, maybe after I told you. 

During the visceral surgery scenes, regular cotton stuffing was saturated in iodine to double for the blood suffused toy stuffing extracted from Jackson.  Take a look at the show and you’ll see how well it vividly features the bloody mess. 

Jackson is a rescued dog.  Jackson’s Owner, Robin is very kind and extremely passionate about dogs. 

When you watch the show, you may notice that Jackson wakes up Robin on the couch in her Living Room, which oddly enough has an alarm clock. 

The scene was shot in the Living Room as Robin’s other rescues, Layla and Angus, were in the bedroom with the dog sitter. 

Like Jackson, Angus didn’t have the easiest life.  Angus’ first owner was a woman who chained him up outside of her trailer home.  For the first two years of his life, Angus lived entirely outside, braving the harsh elements and the dangers in the dark.  As a result, presently, Angus will wake up in the middle of the night, afraid, and just start barking.  Robin describes them as “night terrors.” 

Angus’ first owner had a boyfriend who lived with her.  One ill-fated evening, the boyfriend murdered his girlfriend, Angus’ owner, and took off in the dead of night. 

Later, the Police came around, discovered her dead body and took Angus to the pound.  Soon after, the Police caught up to the boyfriend, who went to pound as well, jail. 

At the city dog pound, Angus was going to be put down.  Robin discovered Angus’ story online and rescued him.  Robin saved a life that day.  You know what I did that day?  I woke up and bought a cup of coffee; Puts things into perspective. 

Video Preview: Jackson the dog adores playing with his dog toys — but will his love for plush playmates lead to his untimely death?

My Dog Ate What: Fish Hooks, Spoons, and Coins premieres Tuesday May 11 at 10P et/pt.


  1. AndreaRainey
    May 12, 2010, 9:29 pm

    You all should meet Chester, my pug. And meet his hairball (a trichobezoar of epic proportions). He’s working on creating ball #3 — they have to be surgically removed because they fill his entire stomach and weigh 1.5 pounds. The vet school at Washington State University kept the first one that they removed "for teaching purposes". There was a even a staple in it!