Two-Legged Dog Inspires Hope Around the Globe

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Faith is an eight-year old dog that has only two legs.

The Stringfellow family rescued Faith when she was just a puppy. At that time, she was a weak little thing with three legs: two hind and one severely deformed front leg. When she was seven months old, her front leg began to atrophy and was surgically removed.

The Stringfellows taught Faith how to stand, hop and walk on her two hind legs. She is now a happy, healthy two-legged pooch that gives everyone she meets a lick of unconditional love – often from 40 inches off the ground.

In June 2006, Faith was awarded an Honorary Commission as an E5 SGT in the United States Army. She even has a custom-made ACU jacket featuring an American flag and the Department of Defense path.

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Faith frequently travels with her owner, Jude Stringfellow, to inspire others about the importance of positivity, hope, love and yes…. faith. Jude also has a new book in the works entitled Faith Walks and the Faith plush toy is now available for consumer purchase.

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Learn more about Faith on her official website and check out videos of her walking on her hind legs.

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Photo credit: Anthony Tortoriello. Become a fan on Facebook here.


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