The Dog that Swallowed Seven Rocks

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Canines are notorious for their appetites. When it comes to tearing, chewing and swallowing, everything is seemingly fair game. But what happened to this dog after he consumed seven rocks?

It happened on a regular morning in central California. Owners Bret and Lisa Ballou discovered their dog Bailey ­– a yellow Labrador and Golden Retriever cross – throwing up water repeatedly. They immediately took him to the veterinarian.

The vet listened to his symptoms and felt around his stomach, determining that Bailey needed an X-ray. Just a few minutes later, she came back into the room and plastered up an image on the light board, declaring, “Count ’em!”

Says Bret, “I did, and there were seven silver-dollar sized rocks in Bailey’s stomach. Evidently, he snacked on some of his dog run decor. Fortunately the stones were on their way out and no surgery was required – as long as he got out every single one of them by himself. Nothing says ‘love’ like rummaging through poop, counting to lucky #7!”

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And while Bailey was just fine after this stone-swallowing episode, many other canines have faced life-threatening circumstances after eating rocks, glue and glass.

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