My Dog Ate What?

National Geographic’s new network Nat Geo Wild has a new show called My Dog Ate What? and the season premiere is Tuesday May 4 at 10P et/pt!

My Dog Ate What? retells the stories of dogs that have swallowed astonishing things and what it took to save their lives.

Video: Lola’s got a strange appetite for socks, underwear, chocolate brownies, and broken glass. Hmmm.


  1. jenbyrd68
    May 5, 2010, 12:24 am

    the title of this show could be the title of my family’s life! Our 2 yr old Golden Retriever, Dreyfuss, was just a pup when he came into our lives, which began an odyssey of emergency vet visits almost immediately!

    When he was just a few months old, my daughter and I were practicing the counting of change, and when we were finished we put her change into a purple change purse. Later that day, I realized that the change purse was missing, and asked my husband, "you don’t think that dog ate it, do you?" Just to be sure, we took him to the vet, where they x-rayed him and sure enough, there was the change purse in his belly! The vet told us it would be quite an expensive surgery to remove it, and we were agonizing over what to do about it. Just then, a vet tech came running out of the back room holding up a baggie and said "is anyone here missing a purple change purse with 99 cents in it?" Turns out they were able to give him a magic elixir that caused Dreyfuss to cough up the purse. To this day, when we revisit the vet’s office, they all exclaim, "Oh look, it’s the 99 cent dog!"

    Dreyfuss continues to keep us on our toes. Since the 99 cent episode, he has also had a fishhook lodged in his tongue because he was going after the hot dog being used as bait, and has broken 2 toenails off by running into a wall in our home.

    My Dog Ate What? May be tailor made for our 90 lb Golden terror……

    Jen B

  2. ryane31687
    June 15, 2010, 7:48 am

    wow this just happened to us yesterday when our 6 month old bernese mountain dog, we thought, ingested a full corn-on-cob. she started throwing up couldn’t hold down her breakfast. she wasn’t acting like a puppy. took her to er vet. found out she had a blockage and did surgery that night. came to find out it was a sock that was the biggest concern because it was twisting up her intestines. vet said she would have died in a day or two if we didn’t bring her in. we believe that she is part goat because she will eat anything. hope this is just a phase she is going to grow out of.