Sea Turtle Odyssey

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The loggerhead sea turtle is one of the world’s most endangered animals, but little is known about its reproductive behavior. For ages, the lives of loggerheads were mostly secret – we had no idea how they spent the years between when they hatched and adulthood; no idea how old a female was before she came ashore to breed.

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But here are a few facts we do know:

-Sea turtles are ancient, and loggerheads can trace their ancestry back over 110 million years.

-As reptiles, turtles are gold blooded and air breathing but are perfectly at home in the sea.

-All of the world’s seven species of sea turtle are now under threa

-Sixty bones make up a turtle’s shell and can sense when the shell has been touched

-All turtles have excellent eyesight, sense of hearing, smell, and touch.

    Sea Turtle Odyssey premieres tonight April 16 at 10P et/pt.