Blood Loss Struggle

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For people suffering from venous malformation and Klipptel-Trenaunay syndrome, every day is a struggle against dangerous levels of blood loss. A simple cut in the wrong place could be life-threatening.


-This rare condition affects the human body’s vast network of blood vessels.

-Doctors theorize that this condition causes the smooth muscle layer in the vein walls to be too thin and weak, thus causing the blood pumping though the vessel to slowly inflate them.

-Since some veins are close to the surface of the skin, this is what causes them to be at risk of being punctured and causing dangerous amounts of blood loss.


-This rare condition radically reworks the vascular system and much of human anatomy, causing the circulatory system in parts of the body to have too many blood vessels, which are strangely formed and arranged in tangled masses.

-Its believed the cause of KT syndrome begins with a genetic mutation in the embryo during early pregnancy.

-Patients suffering from KT syndrom could lose up to thirty percent of their blood every month from ruptures. When people with KT syndrome cut themselves, there are barely any clotting proteins left to shut off the wounds because they are hoarded by blood clots.

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