Great Great Dane

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source: Guinness World Records

What canine weighs 245 pounds, sleeps on a queen-size bed and has a Facebook fan page? 

Meet George, a four-year-old blue Great Dane, the new titleholder of “World’s Tallest Dog” by the Guinness Book of World Records.  

Giant George lives in Tucson, Arizona with his owners, Dave and Christine Nassar, who raised him since he was just a seven-week old pup. While they never expected George to reach record heights, this mammoth dog stands taller than Shaq when on his hind legs and measures a staggering 7’3″ from tail to nose – making him a Great Great Dane. He eats over 100 pounds of food each month and enjoys sitting in a chair like a human.

Follow George’s daily adventures on his Twitter page and read more about this gentle giant on his website.

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