Brits Release UFO ‘X-Files’

The British Ministry of Defense has just released another round of official UFO reports their fifth release to date.  This is the biggest yet, spanning 6000 pages and covering everything from a former Home Secretary’s close encounter to the MoD’s official position on alien abductions.

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The release contains about 1000 separate UFO reports, spanning 24 downloadable PDF files, which you can access for free at the UK National Archives.  The reports cover sightings between 1994-2000.

Dr. David Clarke, a UFO historian and advisor to the National Archives UFO project, narrates a video highlighting some of the more interesting case-files that are part of the release:


  1. NeilRocklin
    February 21, 2010, 10:05 pm

    According to Drs. Volkan and Rocklin the aliens are among us, so said a personage no less public, than Dennis Kucinich, a past presedential candidate. In additon, in her book, Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens, Susan Clancy, a Harvard psychologist who studied recovered memories interviewed about 50 people who claimed to have been abducted by aliens. She said her subjects were not crazy, but instead had "a tendency to fantasize and to hold unusual beliefs and ideas.”