How Would a Dog Say Hello?

If we were both dogs, this is the part where we’d circle and sniff each other’s… well, you know. Our canine friends are pretty distinctive in their greetings to each other – and in their greetings to us. It is hard to describe to someone who has never lived with a dog, just how wonderful it is to walk in the front door at the end of a long day and be bowled over with pure, enthusiastic, tail-wagging, tongue-splattering, jumping, barking love.

Well, we won’t sniff or slobber on you, but we are very glad you’re here.

Welcome to Nat Geo Dogs!

blog post photo

This is our inaugural blog post, so wanted to tell you a little about what to expect here. First, we’ve been around for a little while now as Nat Geo Dogs – a great place to catch previews and full episodes of your favorite dog-related National Geographic Channel shows – Dog Whisperer, DogTown, and others.

With the launch of this blog, and expanded Nat Geo Dogs forums, the new Nat Geo Dogs is now a place where you can communicate with other dog-lovers, share stories and tips, and ask for help with your dog-related challenges.  And in the next couple of months we’ll be adding the ability to share photos and videos of your canine family members.

Here on the Nat Geo Dogs Blog, we’ll be sharing the best stories, tips, and questions from the forums, bringing you insights from other dog-owners, tips from vets and other experts, dog-product spotlights, and behind-the-scenes looks at shows like Dog Whisperer.

But we also want to hear from you – in the forums and in the comments on this blog – about what you want from Nat Geo Dogs.   We’ll be listening and constantly working to improve your experience with us.

So, while we may not be doing any sniffing, if we had a tail, it would be wagging right now – welcome, and hello!