Narcotics Around the World — for medicine, pleasure or religion

In tonight’s episode of TabooNarcotics, we explore how drugs are used around the world, sometimes to the chagrin and sometimes to the celebration of the surrounding society.

To Santo Daime followers, ayahuasca is not a drug, but a path to the Divine. Watch Video >>

Medical marijuana use is on the rise in California — and business is booming. Watch Video >>

Some interesting facts on narcotics:

-Up to 85,000 people are behind bars for marijuana offenses.

-Up until 1937, you could buy marijuana from your local store or pharmacy. The 1937 Act taxed medical marijuana out of existence and by the 1960s all marijuana was illegal.

-The active ingredient in Daime is Dimethyltriptamine (DMT) and is illegal in Brazil but legal in part of the the Amazonian forest because of its religious nature.

-Even children followers of Santo Daime are given small doses of daime that are carefully measured.

-Faced with a public health emergency with an increase in HIV in drug users using needles, the Canadian Federal Government created a place in Vancouver that allows addicts access to clean needles and gives them a safe place to shoot up drugs.

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In the Taboo forum you can share your thoughts and read those of others on the usage of narcotics. It also features a poll you can vote in about what should be done with marijuana legislation in the U.S. Express Your Opinion >>

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