Fight Like an Animal

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If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? Or, if you were a follower of animal-style Kung-Fu, the better question might be what animal would you fight like?

Just watching a practitioner of the animal-style of Kung-Fu can leave no doubt as to its effectiveness, but how accurately animal-like are these martial artists? An upcoming episode of Fight Science is determined to find out.

Take snake-style Kung-Fu, for instance – can the marital artist really strike as fast as a snake? Let’s see… 

Want to test your animal-style skills? 

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Suit up for some hard-core training in the Fight Science Game

Fight Science returns with all new episodes on Monday, February 1.

Find out what makes special-ops soldiers tick in Fight Science Ultimate Soldiers
(MON FEB 1, 10P et/pt).

See animal-style Kung-Fu put to the test in Fight Science: Fight Like an Animal
(THU FEB 4, 9P et/pt).