Fatal Instinct

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Name: Tucker

Breed: Border Collie Mix

Age: 2 years old


Tucker was rescued in July 2006 by the Oregon Humane Society after they confiscated more than 40 puppies and dogs from a puppy mill in Oregon. Owners Kelly Perry and Rob Oberdorfer adopted Tucker when he was 10 weeks old – at the time, they were unaware of his obsession with moving water, particularly the ocean and streams. Now, he neurotically runs and chases the ocean, biting at the waves, even to the detriment of his health.


Kelly Perry works as a city park ranger in Beaverton, and Rob Oberdorfer is a legal assistant.


Normally, a day at the beach during work would be a dream come true, but the crew was dreading this beach day because it was so cold outside!

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  1. Merna
    February 7, 2013, 3:38 am

    hey.,. i’ve a question ! ,, my dog Cappy he’s 8 months ago .. he’s full of energy and soooo active .. he wants to run or play around me like any other dog without the halter .. but i can’t just leave him without it .. of i did .. he will run with all his power and hide in a place ,, actually he did like 3 times before .. after half an hour or an hour .. i’ll get him and get him back to the home! and in home he will be beside me or walk beside me like any dog! but out side no!
    so my question is.. how can i train my dog to walk beside me without the halter! because he’s strong and when you are holding the halter .. it’s hurts a lot! .. thank you

  2. Debbie Tsutsui
    Grover Beach, CA
    May 5, 2013, 5:03 pm

    Dearest Cesar, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE HELP US! our precious weenie dog is so deprived of companionship! Doggie companionship that is!! Her interaction with other dogs is an absolute nightmare! She has been my constant companion since she was abt 7 weeks old. I had anterior-posterior back surgery shortly after i got her and needless to say we have been pretty sedentary. the lack of interaction with other dogs has made her sooo scared of other dogs that she either goes into a complete submissive attitude or complete aggressive mode! at that point she is mentally somewhere else and beyond control! I used to walk up to 4 miles a day and would love to be able to start walking with Bella and not worry every time another dog comes into view!! We call her our weenie-lion because she is such a ….. i am 5 blocks from the beach and would love to be able to walk to the beach, hang out at the dog park and have her ENJOY herself instead of acting like i’m torturing her!! as i sit here watching ngw dog whisperer, i have HOPE!!! I’m SURE YOU CAN HELP ME!! Come on up to the beautiful central coast of Cali and skate our beaches.i love and RESPECT you and what you do so very MUCH! You are truly amazing! I await your reply! Thank you in advance!

  3. T.heresa R
    New Mexico
    May 20, 2013, 11:17 am

    Dear Cesar, We are greatly in need of your assistance we adopted a beautiful female German Shepherd who is 2 and a half years old we have discovered that we are her forth owners previous owners did not claim her at the local animal shelter and we believe it is because she does not stay in the yard. We fixed up our dog kennel for keeping her in when we have to leave the house for short periods of time. But after the first time of leaving her for two hours we came home to find her loose in the yard and to see that she had bent the door frame of the 10X10 foot chain link dog kennel and was in the yard. We were glad she stayed in the yard because she has a history of being able to jump 9 foot fences. We do not want her to get hit by a car or taken by someone who would mistreat her or not take care of her. We do not want to return her to the dog shelter and she is a great dog well behaved inside the house and house broken very well behaved loving dog. We just don’t know what to do to keep her safely in our yard, when we need to leave the house for a few hours. We would let her stay in the house we just don’t know what she might do after she is alone in the house. We are in desperate need of your help if we can not get her to stay safely in the yard when we have to leave the house than we will not be able to keep her. What a sad situation for us and her please help. Thank you for your consideration of helping our family keep this beautiful dog that we already love.

  4. Tim Lathrom
    Bay City, MI 48706
    June 28, 2014, 9:31 am

    I watched Cesar in the show with the Jack Russels that fought. Their names were Ruby and Jinkz. Ruby had a problem and was in hospital but never heard what happened to them. Did Cesar ever get them together? Thanks Tim Lathom

  5. Carol Fogle
    United States
    October 7, 2014, 12:36 pm

    I too am wondering about Ruby and Jinx. I am going through the exact same thing at our house. All of a sudden after 2 years, our female dogs are hell bent on killing each other. One is a GSD so the other doesn’t really stand a chance. It is really hard to separate them if they get into it. They have been kept separated ever since and it is really tough. Did Jinx and Ruby ever work it out? We are pretty sure we are going to have to get rid of the shepherd. Which is heartbreaking since we love them both. 🙁