Family Feud

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Name: Chico & Peanut

Breed: Chihuahuas

Age: 1.5 and 2 years old


Owners Pauline Mercado and her daughter Christine Kenney purchased Peanut, a Chihuahua, from a private party when he was about six weeks old. A short while later they got Chico, another Chihuahua, when he was seven weeks old. The two dogs were the best of friends.

When Christine left for college, she took Chico with her. The long-distance relationship drove a wedge between the two dogs, and the first time they saw each other after the separation, they started fighting. From that initial reunion, the aggression has escalated to the point where the two dogs will now begin to fight if they are ever in the same room.


Pauline is a professor in psychology, and she teaches graduate students to become school psychologists. Her daughter Christine is a student of psychology at Ventura College.


Pauline’s father spent his time between takes playing golf in the Mercado’s back yard. The production assistant would have to fetch him when he was needed on camera.


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  1. airforceone4you
    August 14, 2011, 12:01 am

    I have a pitbull who’s about to turn two in January and my high school sweetheart and fiancee has a chiweenie who just turned seven.The two dogs don’t really get along and are constantly trying to defend their masters which has been driving a wedge between my husband to be and myself. the pit is scared of the chiweenie and that scares me because the only thing more dangerous than an angry pit is a scared pit acting defensively. Cesar what should we do?