Sydney and the Postie Bike

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Name: Sydney

Breed: Weimaraner

Age: 9 years old


Sydney aided owner Morgan Roche in controlling the deer population at the forestry plantation where he worked in Ireland.  Sydney would track the deer during hunting.

But when the Brown family moved to Australia, Sydney became extremely aggressive toward the posties, Australia postal carriers, or anyone who happens to be riding one of the motorized red postie bikes they use to deliver the mail.

The sound of the bike alone will send Sydney into a frenzy, and both Morgan and his wife Amanda are desperate to receive help before Sydney seriously injures someone.


Amanda Roche-Brown, who is Australian, and the Irish Morgan Roche had been living in rural Ireland until late 2002.  Morgan worked on the forestry plantation and had to control the deer population from destroying the trees.  The couple has two boys Tai (3 ½) and Sol (2).  They also have Match, a 9 ½ year old Border Collie.


The Dog Whisperer crew was unable to acquire the use of an official red postie bike, so they had to resort to borrowing a retired red postie bike to aid in Sydney’s rehabilitation.

Don’t miss Sydney in the all-new episode of the Dog Whisperer, “Cesar in Oz,” this Friday 9P et/pt!


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