An All-New National Geographic Channel Community!

For all you people out there just looking for a place to “live curious,” this is the new and improved National Geographic Channel community where you can take what you’ve seen on our Channel and comment, share, discuss, dissect, suggest, and more!

You’ll notice we have a new “Curious?” hub for the community, where you can see the most recent and most popular postings, as well as a regularly updated quiz question featuring our current programming. It also displays our twitter feed live, all our partners that you can find Nat Geo video on, and the latest articles, videos and photos being social bookmarked on Digg.

The forums and blogs have all been renovated and made more user-friendly. Other improvements bring you your own persona profile pages, where you can friend and message other users as well as create postings specific to your own profile. We’ve also simplified our sign-in area so you can easily access our community by registering and following the steps, or by signing in with your facebook, twitter, MySpace, AOL, Google, and other third-party accounts.  Click “Sign in” and chose one of the options listed on the right to access the site with one of these accounts.

For those users who’ve used our community in the past, we tried to make this transition as smooth as possible. We’ve made every effort to carry over your user name and password (as well as the picture you chose as your personal icon) which you used on our previous community site.  To try it out, click the “sign in” link at the top of the page (next to “Curious?”) and enter in your user ID name and password.  (Your user ID may be different than your public display name.)  Note: the user name field is case sensitive.  If this doesn’t work, we sincerely apologize but hope you’ll find the new sign in options easy to use.

This, however, is only the beginning. We have more features that we’ll be rolling out for this community as the months progress. We’ll be rolling out groups, the ability to upload and share photos and videos, and we’ll enable commenting throughout the site on many of our features, including videos, photos and more!

Please dive in and take part in this new community, and as new improvements and suggestions come to you, please feel like it’s your place to participate and share your thoughts and ideas! We also recognize that not everything is going to run seamlessly as we work out new kinks. We want to hear about these problems as you find them, and all your other likes and dislikes – just post your thoughts right there.

Now go on – live curious – and share your curious thoughts!


  1. Ssnwt
    June 28, 2010, 7:33 am

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