Discover Places and Animals Worth Saving This #EarthWeek

National Geographic’s #EarthWeek kicked off Sunday with the season premiere of Years of Living Dangerously featuring David Letterman, followed by Leonardo DiCaprio’s multi-year journey documenting climate change, Before the Flood. If you missed the premiere, Before the Flood is streaming for free online through November 7th. 

All week long, discover what you need to know about the warming planet, how it’s affecting us, and what’s at stake. Climate change is threatening both land and animals–join us as we look at some of the species and places of planet earth worth saving:

Watch: Places and Animals Worth Saving

The world is now watching. You will either be lauded by future generations, or vilified by them … You are the last best hope of Earth. We ask you to protect it. Or we — and all living things we cherish — are history. -Leonardo DiCaprio

Discover ways that you can get involved to spread the urgent message about climate change, and learn how your own personal choices can have a positive impact.

Also raising awareness to this important issue recently was the 2016 WCFF Film Festival. The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival’s mission is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need and importance for the protection of global biodiversity.

One of the entries, “Dream” (featuring Natalie Bergman, Ryan Merchant, Keenan O’Meara, and Tal Altman), does just that.

Watch it now:

Dream from WCFF on Vimeo.

#EarthWeek continues tonight with Years of Living Dangerously: Gathering Storm, featuring Jack Black and Ian Somerhalder, who investigate the potential repercussions of rising sea levels.


  1. James J Sollenberger
    November 5, 2016, 7:49 am

    This is our reality and it doesn’t have to be. Coal and oil are being used all over the world. We need to get smart and use the forms of energy available to us that do not pollute our grandkids further.

    United States
    January 2, 1:14 pm

    Please help with natgeo TV! I love watching natgeo TV! How can we get them to fix TV screen! The lower right corner is perfect with logo! The upper right corner displays show information? It totally takes away from the program that you are watching? If you are watching a beautiful nature scene, you have this huge writing in upper corner of your screen that stays on all the time? This makes no sense? We are talking about the best channels known for photography and videography? Please give me ideas for contacting someone who really cares about the quality of National Geographic screen display! Thank You!