Is Your Brain Smarter Than a Baby?

As you mature over the years, different life stages are based on your developing brain that is primed to learn fast, stay on task, and tackle challenges. In this week’s episode of Brain Games, Host Jason Silva travels through the ages and follows the life of the brain. See how your brain changes and why different age groups have vastly different skill sets, as we pit the ages against each other in a battle of wits.

Does wisdom really come with age While tweens, teens, and adults are more advanced, babies may be smarter than you think.

In this brain game, adults and babies listen to three different sound frequencies. As you listen, your brain activates its auditory cortex and different parts of your brain lights up to receive incoming information. Who do you think will be the winning group?

We challenge your adult brain to beat the babies. Play along here:

Interestingly enough, adults can only hear one or two tones while infants hear all three. Your ability to hear higher frequencies degrades as you age. Even if you protect your hearing, higher frequencies become harder to detect as you grow older due to presbycusis, otherwise known as age-related hearing loss.

Hearing is believing. Find out for yourself as we guess your age in the quiz below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.49.14 PM

Youth has its advantages, but that doesn’t mean growing old is the end to your cognitive capabilities. Follow along your brain’s life cycle in Brain Games: Life of the Brain, Sunday at 9/8c on NGC.