Little Terrier, Big Attitude: Cesar Millan to the Rescue

Tonight on Cesar 911: Simon Strikes Again, Cesar Millan works to tame a ferocious French Bulldog/Terrier mix turning a foster home for dogs into a hazard, and later, a Tibetan Terrier who is pushing his owners’ marriage to the limit.

Case File: Simon

Cesar first rushes to the aid of Jody and Sue, owners of a San Diego-based Shar Pei rescue group. Their call is on behalf of committed foster mom Sandy whose dog Simon has a tumultuous past interacting with dogs and essentially any other animal that comes his way. Cesar understands the importance of making Sandy’s home a safer place for future foster dogs, but upon learning about the tiny dog’s history of killing pigs and tormenting foster dogs, he sees he has his work cut out for him. Later, a quick observation of Simon’s cutthroat interaction with the current foster dog leads Cesar to take some drastic measures never seen before on Cesar 911.

Case File: Schnoopy

Next, Cesar hopes to make some adjustments in his next call’s household. Randy and Denise Geltman have been married for nearly 25 years, but when Denise began dealing with health issues, their Tibetan Terrier Schnoopy rushed to her side. His protection of Denise and subsequent aggression towards Randy began to put their relationship at stake. The Geltmans say that every time Randy comes near Denise, Schnoopy transforms into a maniacal guard dog and goes haywire with his biting. Cesar steps in with hopes of taming Schnoopy, and teaching the couple about adjusting their energies around the dog to minimize the barbarity and mend the tension.

See how our favorite dog whisperer handles these terrier troubles tonight at 9/8c on Cesar 911, only on Nat Geo WILD.


  1. John Kokes
    March 11, 2016, 10:29 pm

    I want to stand behind Cesar Millan on this unfounded PIG story. I have watched Cesar for many years on TV and I know he would never do anything wrong when it comes to animals.