5 Times Dogs Proved They Were More Than Pets

While humans view dogs as our friends, they view us as members of their pack. Ever since early history, dogs have solidified their special bond with humans and their place in our hearts as man’s best friend by protecting us and impressing us with demonstrations of loyalty, companionship and assistance. Here are some incredible examples of this human/canine alliance:

When Capitán Showed His Loyalty

Photograph by La Voz Del Interior
Photograph by La Voz Del Interior

A year after Miguel Guzman of Argentina adopted a German Shepherd for his family, he died unexpectedly. When the family returned from his funeral, their dog Capitán was nowhere to be found. The family later found their dog at the cemetery laying atop Guzman’s grave. According to local newspaper The Cordoba, Capitán turned up at the cemetery on his own one day and wandered until he found Guzman’s grave. For the past six years, Capitán has spent the night lying on top of his deceased owner’s grave. Guzman’s son Damian said he tried to bring Capitán home, but the pup continued to return to the cemetery, where the staff fed and took care of him.

When Dee Dee helped her owner graduate

Alex came to Canine Partners for Life in search of a companion to help her with everyday physical activities that her Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT) hinders. CMT inhibited Alex’s ability to walk and do other daily tasks independently. Alex attributes her broadened horizons and goals to her service dog DeeDee, who was by her side for six years, supporting and celebrating accomplishments like graduating from high school, getting a job, graduating from college, and enrolling in law school. Like many people who depend on their canine companion to help accomplish everything from daily activities to their long-term goals, Alex’s story is an example of dogs’ extraordinary abilities to aid.

When army dog Ikar was reunited with his soldier

Czech Shepherd Ikar is a trained Tactical Explosive Detection Dog who served in Afghanistan with Army Specialist Vance McFarland in 2012. After the deployment, Ikar was sent to another handler, where he and ten other dogs were abandoned in a kennel in Virginia. Mission K9 Rescue and U.S. War Dogs Association resorted to social media, posting pictures of Ikar and his companions and asking if anyone could remember who their handlers were. With the help of a few Facebook messages, Ikar boarded a flight to Boise, where McFarland welcomed him into his home.

Watch the duo celebrate Ikar’s homecoming:

When Belle called 911

Belle is specially trained to use her exceptional sense of smell to recognize blood sugar abnormalities. She paws at her diabetic owner Kevin Weaver whenever she senses an issue to alert him to test his blood sugar levels, and he says she has never been wrong. When Kevin suffered a seizure and collapsed, Belle bit the number 9 on his phone as she had been trained to, contacting 911 and saving his life. The beagle was the first dog to ever receive a VITA Wireless Samaritan Award, which recognizes those who use cell phones to save lives.

When Chip surveyed every space for safety

Mackenzie is deadly allergic to all tree nuts, coconut, and cinnamon, and just being in a presence of these allergens can send her into anaphylactic shock. Her dog, Chip, is trained to sniff out these allergens before Mackenzie enters any room. She and her boyfriend Cory are share their story tonight on Pet Talk. Watch Chip inspect the Pet Talk studio before Mackenzie comes on stage to talk about her special pup:

To meet Mackenzie and hear her story and other pet tips and tales, be sure to catch this week’s new episode of Pet Talk, airing this Friday at 10/9c on Nat Geo WILD.


  1. Heather
    New york
    March 5, 2016, 6:48 pm

    to learn what other people foods you can share with your pet go to http://www.natgeowild.com/pettalk however that link does not work nor do I see anything here related to that. If you are actually going to say to look for something on your show follow through please as I have an 8 month old GrandDog Golden Doodle that is driving me nuts eating my daughters under wear and socks which do come out in his poop thank goodness but he is so big and if you turn your back he can get on the counters in a second so I really wanted to know what was on that list. Appa also has horrible gas so I will be trying some of your solutions you suggested on the show.I didn’t know about garlic being bad for Dogs until Friday nite’s show that was very informative. I can no longer give my Westie or Schnauzer pieces of hamburger or chicken I cook if I have used garlic as a seasoning. Thank you for that information. Thanks. Yes we have 3 dogs and 8 rabbits in our house.