Jerry Seinfeld’s Dog Has a “Hating-Jerry” Problem That Only Cesar Millan Can Fix

Canine expert Cesar Millan is back and facing more aggressive cases than ever on a new season of Cesar 911. Stakes are high as Cesar tackles everything from domesticating dogs with vicious histories to transforming comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s dachshund from adversary to ally. This season, there’s no shortage of combative pups who test Cesar’s patience, and in the season premiere, The Seinfeld Episode, Jerry Seinfeld wonders if his case will be the first problem Cesar can’t fix.

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica can’t seem to find the humor in their two dachshunds’ behavior—while Jose has a barking problem, Foxy has what the Seinfelds consider a “hating-Jerry” problem. Despite her good relationship with Jessica, Foxy wants nothing to do with Jerry and the pervasive hostility is too much for the household. Jerry is kidding when he hypothesizes that this will be the one case Cesar can’t fix—but is there an ounce of truth in there? Foxy tests Cesar’s patience as he works to progress Foxy’s relationship with Jerry, while the whole group works to adjust Jose’s offensive attitude towards anyone who walks through the door.

Fountain Valley, CA, USA: Sheireen Etemadi holds Lucky as he growls at another dog. (Photo Credit: National Geographic Channels/Cesar 911 Crew)Later, a dog-loving community turns to Cesar to help reassemble the team. Sheireen and Susan Etemadi’s rescue terrier mix, Lucky, is getting out of hand. The self-proclaimed alpha male has attacked other resident dogs as well as humans in the California apartment complex, shunning him from the frequent community doggie parades and happy hours. Susan wants Lucky welcomed back in the community, but he first needs some rehabilitation training. Cesar turns to his traditional methods of adjusting the owner’s energy in order to put Lucky on the path to success. Watch: Lucky’s Last Hope >>

See what’s in store for the new season as Cesar Millan talks about some of the most difficult cases, his biggest challenges, and the highest rewards that lay ahead in season 3: 

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  1. sam theman
    San Fernando Valley
    February 20, 2016, 1:07 am

    why did that apartment community that thought Lucky was a problem, get help themselves…? that miniature pincher was a problem dog. actually all those dogs were not trained. they all should’ve had a session with cesar. but like cesar said: you have to be in control & none of those people looked to be in control… not everyone should own a pet or have a child…