May the Fish Be With You

It’s week three of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season, and while several boats in the Gloucester fleet look to keep their hot streaks going, others are off to a slow start and must rely on help from elsewhere to get their fishing back on track. Looking to distance themselves from the rest of their competition, longtime friends Captain Dave Carraro of FV-­ and Captain Paul Hebert of Wicked Pissah turn to a local tried-­and-­true honey hole.

When the fishing spot proves fruitful, Paul wants to keep their success a secret so the place does not attract any other boats. But when Hot Tuna’s Captain TJ Ott, who is currently at the bottom of the leaderboard and having no luck where he is anchored, reaches out to Dave for fishing intel, Dave faces a dilemma. Remain loyal to old friend Paul? Or, after burning TJ last season, share information with Hot Tuna in a bid to renew their working relationship and tap into TJ’s wide network?

Watch: Dot Com Makes Good

Meanwhile, Captain Pete Speeches of Maine family-operation Erin & Sarah has seen better days. After skunking out in Gloucester waters on the last trip, he decides to fish closer to home near Portland and his bid to land a paycheck this week. After inexplicably not hooking up to any of their marks this week, Pete’s deckhand daughter Erin makes offerings to the “tuna gods” to end their streak of bad luck. But will it be enough to finally break their dry spell? Or will their expenses continue to pile up with no light at the end of the tunnel?

Watch: Tuna Gods Sacrifice

After a first place finish last season, veteran Captain Dave Marciano, of Hard Merchandise, and crew remain confident in their attempt to prove that last year’s achievement was not a fluke. But so far they only have one keeper bluefin for the season. This week, Dave is hoping his “work hard, play hard” philosophy pays off for his crew when their old boat is put to the test by a rogue fish.

After landing yet another quality fish in week two, Pinwheel starts this week on top of the fleet. Captain Tyler McLaughlin and deckhand Drake Roy are in sync after spending so much time together on the boat. And now that they’re on top, they’ll need to use every ounce of that teamwork to stay there.

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  1. Beppo
    The Outer Banks
    February 15, 2016, 11:54 pm

    Captain Dave is still a jackass-Tequila or no Tequila. His entire recitation about what he needed to do with T.J. had to do with what he needed to do for “HIS” fishing and “HIS” reputation since all the other Capts. continued to refer to him (Dave) in less than flattering terms on the radio. He still doesn’t get it as far as I’m concerned. He stabbed T.J. in the back (actually to his face) when he lied about the fish he caught. Shame on Him!!! He has yet to apologize to T.J.. T.J. should have shoved the bottle up Dave’s cave and told him to kiss his (t.J.’s ample behind).ps Dave is also “acting” make-believe nice to his crew this year in an attempt to convince his “crew, the fleet and viewership of “W.T.” that he is now an honestly nice and unselfish guy” a la Capt. Dave Marciano. Sorry Herr Capt. DAVE Dot Com. you remain a stanky herring and a long way from a gorgeous Blue Fin Steak. May all your Tuna be less than $10 lb. this season. Sandro should wise up and pack his bags!

  2. Wayne Jansen
    May 8, 7:04 am

    This show has turned into Maury Povich. How about more comic scenes and some how to segments. It beats watching a bunch of cry babies moan. Believe it, many of us want to know.
    Frankly, I know that many local Southern California skippers and deckhands and especially the top notch deckhands on San Diego’s long range, could step right in and fill any of those hacks shoes. Yeah, West Coast anglers could teach those pissahs a thin or 200.