Captain Paul Is Back In the Game Tonight on Wicked Tuna

It’s week two of the North Atlantic bluefin tuna season and the new Maine father-daughter operation the Erin & Sarah tops the earnings after landing the highest quality fish last week. Fishing against the Gloucester fleet in his local Portland-waters paid off for the new captain and solidified his reputation as “the boat to beat.” Now, captain Pete Speeches is leaving his home turf to follow reports of bluefin close to Gloucester at Jeffreys Ledge. Will being a fish in unfamiliar waters prove too much for the Erin & Sarah? Or will Pete and his greenhorn daughter Erin and seasoned first mate Brandon Pierce rise to the challenge against the Gloucester natives?

During his long career fishing for bluefin out of Gloucester, Paul Hebert has been a deckhand, a mate, a first mate, and a captain, but he’s never owned his own tuna boat. That has all changed this season, with Paul using his life-savings to purchase Wicked Pissah, a small-but-sturdy vessel that he hopes will help him silence the critics who have questioned whether he’s got what it takes to be a responsible and successful captain. Paul has a new crew joining him on his new boat – veteran first mate Brad Krasowski and deckhand Lance Sistare – and all three guys are fired up to put fish on the deck and make Wicked Pissah Gloucester’s top‐earning boat this season. Paul has a lot to prove to the fleet, to his crew, and most of all–to himself, and when two rods hook up at the same time, will his untested team be able catch the fish, or will kinks in the armor be a bad omen of things to come?

Watch: New Crew, Same PissahAn introduction to the new crew on the Wicked Pissah is disrupted when they hook their first tuna of the season.

Captain Dave Carraro of FV-­ was the only captain to catch two bluefin in the opening week of the season, but their low-quality meat – and therefore dismal prices – meant the boat starts this week trailing the fleet’s leaders. Dave is arguably the most competitive captain in the fleet and he’s desperate to get top-dollar for his next catch so he can start making strides ahead of the other boats. But when he overhears a radio call from his former-friend, Captain TJ Ott of Hot Tuna, who is still upset about Dave’s lying last season, Dave’s focus changes from competition to repairing his fractured relationship with TJ. Will Dave be able to make amends with TJ and regain his trust? Or will TJ continue to shut Dave out of his extensive fishing network?

Meanwhile on Pinwheel, Captain Tyler McLaughlin gets a chance to test the skills – and nerve – of his new young deckhand Drake Roy when their boat’s anchor line becomes entangled with the propeller. With the boat stranded until they can clear the line, someone is going to have to plunge into the shark-­infested waters to do the job. Does Drake have what it takes?

Watch: Drake vs. Sharks
Drake on the Pin Wheel dives under the boat in order to free the anchor line from the rudder.

Last season’s top-earning boat Hard Merchandise still hasn’t recovered from their recent disastrous southern fishing season in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Captain Dave Marciano didn’t catch a single keeper bluefin and was lucky not to sink his beloved vessel after treacherous currents smashed it into a local bridge.

Marciano, his son and deckhand Joe, and nephew first mate Jay Muenzner were one of the only crews not to catch in the first week of the season, and, now-desperate for a paycheck, Marciano pushes his team through sleepless nights in their bid to land a tuna. Already trailing the fleet, will Marciano be able to prove his last championship season wasn’t a fluke?

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  1. kenneth wallace
    wood river il
    February 9, 2016, 9:02 am

    I would love if the network would consider me being able to spend time on each vessel as a volunteer and most of all a Chaplain. They are fishermen, and I am a fisher of men that truly loves the experiences of my trips I have taken out of Galvestine, TX for the black fins. I am will to sign waivers to make that happen

  2. Michael Mullis
    metro Boston
    February 23, 2016, 2:16 am

    The hard merchandise, is clearly, the best crew, and frishing team on the show, I think his cost per fish is the lowest in thr fleet, just because of operating cost, Good luck fn/hard merchandise

  3. Mike
    Lk St Clair
    February 23, 2016, 6:55 am

    Paul is the most annoying person on the planet and doesn’t have the skill or people skills to be a captain.

  4. Big Tuna
    New York
    March 29, 2016, 1:12 pm

    Scotty the dealer is a ripp-off! He low balls everyone. I see the same quality fish on the other dealers and they seem to give the fishers a fair deal. I think Scotty ” with the Boston Baseball hat. Just in case he thinks I’m talking about someone else” He needs to go back to school or get some help estimating how much a tuna is worth at a fair market price. These guys are busting their ass at sea. Stop jerking these guy!

  5. Joel
    United States
    April 3, 2016, 10:48 am

    When the coast guard approached the pin wheel, what did Tyler, captain of the pin wheel, hurry and throw overboard before they got too him?

  6. RoseAnne
    Amsterdam NY
    April 10, 1:18 pm

    Paul is the worst trainer, captain, he blames everyone but himself. He has nothing nice to say to any crew member that steps foot on his boat. He is quick to criticize, very slow to lend a hand. Back to polywog school for you Pauly-Wally!
    Captain is not your bag! Koodos to the crew!