Wicked Tuna Is Back Tonight for a 5th Season

Tonight, on an all-new season of Wicked Tuna, the fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, are setting out on the first day of the North Atlantic Bluefin Tuna season, each with something to prove to the rest of the fleet and money to make. With the first fish of the season potentially worth up to $20,000 dollars, the competition is as cutthroat as ever.

Captain Dave Marciano, of Hard Merchandise, wants to show his competitors that finishing last season with the top earnings wasn’t a fluke. For the first time ever, Dave finished top of the fleet last year, making more than $100,000 dollars. But then he made the ill-­fated decision to steam 600 miles to North Carolina to fish the southern season, where Hard Merchandise failed to catch a single keeper tuna, leaving them in debt for the trip.

In this clip, Marciano gives some perspective on being last season’s leader and the challenges ahead.

Captain Tyler McLaughlin, of Pinwheel, wants to silence the critics who question his maturity and track record of not being able to keep a crew. With a fishy new deckhand on board, Tyler is certain that this season, he has a winning team that will last the distance.

Captain Dave Carraro, of FV-­Tuna.com, has returned with one thing on his mind—regain his title as the best bluefin captain in the fleet. And he’s got a brand new state-of-the-art boat to do it. But will an increasingly heated relationship with his rival Tyler on the Pinwheel once again disrupt Dave’s focus on fishing and derail his goal this season?

Meanwhile Captain TJ Ott, of Hot Tuna, wants to show that, after several years of finishing in the middle-­to-­bottom of the pack, he’s not an average captain. And the only way to do that is to catch more fish then any other boat this season. And maybe a little extra luck from the new pup on board.

But the arrival of a formidable new opponent from northern waters could make it much more challenging for each captain to achieve their individual goals. Get ready to meet the newest member of the fleet, captain Pete Speeches from the Erin & Sarah.

Only one boat can be top of the leaderboard come season’s end. But at the beginning of the season, it’s an even playing field and anyone’s title to win… for now. Don’t miss Wicked Tuna: Something to Prove tonight at 9/8c. And make sure to create your own Wicked Tuna fantasy team to get in on the action and play along live.


  1. Pamela
    Milwaukee, WI
    February 1, 8:54 pm

    Your website states that Wicked Tuna is showing tonight, February 1, at 8:00 p.m. However there is no listing for it. What happened???

  2. Debora Streit
    United States
    February 6, 1:42 pm

    I luvvvvv “wicked tuna!” I miss you guys!!! When are you coming back? I have seen every show at least 3x’s! I’m having withdraws waiting for you all to come back with new episodes…I am totally addicted to your show! Hurry back before I end up having to check -in to Re-hab! Lol!