It’s Freezin’ Pol’d on an All-New Season of The Incredible Dr. Pol

After over 40 years of marriage, Dr. Pol still loves to surprise his wife, Diane, with unexpected gestures she will cherish forever. To celebrate her birthday, things are no different. With Charles’ help, Doc decides to clean up a rusty old sleigh he and the Mrs. purchased years ago – but to make this surprise really shine, he enlists the help of a few Amish friends. Dr. Pol must work to re-break the Pol’s two Friesian horses in time, or Diane’s dreams of a one-horse-open-sleigh will be dashed.

It’s the dead of winter in Michigan, but not snow, nor sleet nor ice will slow the good vet down when an animal’s in need! First up to the clinic this week on Freezin’ Pol’d– a horse named Jesse who’s suspected pregnancy doesn’t exactly have her owner jumping for joy!


Across town, Dr. Emily’s busy helping a mother-to-be – a sow named Miss Piggy. With so many piglets’ lives at stake, will Dr. Emily be able to kick-start this sow’s stalled labor?

Even the arctic temperatures can’t stop clients from blowing into the clinic! Luckily for Dr. Brenda, her next nine patients are warm and fuzzy Sarplaninac puppies, in for their 6-week check-up.


Next, a little snowball manages to make his way inside the clinic. Nugget, an African hedgehog is in with a sticky situation. Dr. Pol follows his nose to figure out why Chantal’s beloved ‘hog is losing weight.

Outside, Dr. Brenda has her hands full with Tiny, a quarter-horse who has severely torn her eyelid. Will Dr. Brenda, Tiny, and her squeamish owner, Kyle, be able to see eye to eye and get this laceration stitched up before any permanent damage sets in?

Then, the big day finally comes – Diane’s birthday! With all final details complete, the family prepares to surprise Diane for what’s sure to be one of her most memorable birthdays ever!

Don’t miss the season premiere of The Incredible Dr. Pol: Freezin’ Pol’d this Saturday at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.


  1. Sharon
    Nampa Idaho
    January 9, 2016, 6:52 pm

    Love this show