Akiva Goldsman on Powering the Future

Almost 200 years ago, an inventor discovered that when a metal wheel spins in between two magnets, it’s motion generates a current of electric energy.

Today, fossil fuels constitute roughly 80 percent of the global energy load. By burning these dirty non-renewables, climates are dangerously changing and these resources we are so dependent on are rapidly depleting. This week’s episode of Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge features a new generation of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs who are finding new ways to keep the wheels of civilization in motion… before it’s too late.

“We have to treat our resources the way we treat other lives – as something precious and finite.” – Akiva Goldsman

Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge director and Academy Award winning writer Akiva Goldsman expresses that our current routine to generate energy is in need of dramatic change. The constant burning and mining of fossil fuels is causing irreversible damage to our planet. This week on Breakthrough, scientists and innovators are looking toward nuclear fusion, deep drilling, artificial tornadoes, wind turbines and even waste from beer to create sustainable clean energy sources. Goldsman believes we are on the cusp of change.

In this clip, Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge director and Academy Award winning writer Akiva Goldsman talks about the detrimental consequences of relying on such harmful energy sources.

Goldsman and conservationists alike believe that we can save ourselves from the energy crisis, but will we? Be sure to watch the new episode of Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge, airing tonight, Sunday December 6 at 9/8c.