Bingo! We Have a Safari Live Contest Winner!

After submitting many Safari Live bingo cards online, Liz W. from San Diego CA has won the trip of a lifetime, an 11-day safari adventure for two to Tanzania, Africa, with National Geographic Expeditions.

A long-time Safari Live viewer, Liz retired last year and said she hoped to do some traveling but never expected to go halfway around the world. She is thrilled to get her first passport and bring a family member along to go in search of wildebeest, lions, cheetahs, elephants and much more.

Big Cat Bingo winner Liz. W
Big Cat Bingo winner Liz. W

“I love introducing our viewers to animals and destinations that they might not see in person in their lifetimes,” said Geoff Daniels, executive vice president and general manager of Nat Geo WILD. “This contest is our way of reaching through the lens to bring a lucky viewer along for the ride.”

Liz’s favorite part of Safari Live is seeing the baby animals including the hyena cub that became one of the stars of Big Cat Week, and the impala calves taking their first shaky steps. She also loves to ask questions of the hosts and was thrilled to get one answered online. Sometimes she stays up late into the night to watch the online drives when she says anything can happen.

Safari Live viewers competing to win the safari trip submitted online bingo cards during the Safari Live broadcasts from Friday, November 27 – Sunday, November 29 at 11/10c. They could increase the number of times their bingo cards were submitted by sharing on social media.

Liz’s Tanzanian safari trip with National Geographic Expeditions includes watching the thundering herds of the legendary wildebeest migration, exploring the Great Rift Valley, and descending into the Ngorongoro Carter to spot lions, cheetahs, elephants, and much more. She is planning her safari trip for next summer.

Safari Live is part of Nat Geo WILD’s Big Cat Week. More than a television event, Big Cat Week is an extension of the Big Cats Initiative, a long-term commitment by the National Geographic Society to stop poaching, save habitat and sound the call that big steps are needed to save big cats around the world. This global initiative actively supports on-the-ground conservation projects and education to help stem and eventually reverse the rapid disappearance of big cat populations.