Big Cat Week Is Back: Get Closer Than Ever


Every fall, Big Cat Week shines a spotlight on our endangered feline friends to remind people of their struggle and importance in our world. This year’s Big Cat Week is our biggest event yet, with five new premieres and a live African safari beamed into your living room.

Big Cat Week returns Friday, November 27 at 9/8c. Get ready for one week of in-your-face, say-your-prayers, cats… any closer and you’d be part of the week. Premieres include:

Cougars Undercover

Mountain lion kitten.

 (Photograph by Anna Place/BBC)Cougars Undercover Premieres Friday, Nov. 27, 9/8c

This is the moving story of two mountain lion mothers raising their cubs, each trying to survive the harsh conditions of a bitter winter season outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For the first time, the true nature of North America’s big cat can finally be revealed. Set in Wyoming’s spectacular Rocky Mountains, the dramatic story of two mothers struggling to raise their kittens is helping scientists rewrite our understanding of these elusive predators. This is mountain lions up-close, in-depth, and more intimate than ever before.

Safari Live

Big Cat Week: LionessSafari Live Premieres Friday, Nov. 27 – Sunday, Nov. 29, 11/10c

Now there’s no passport required to go on the trip of a lifetime to see big cats up close and personal. We provide you with two expert guides who will lead the way to stunning wildlife, in real time.

And this year we’re giving our viewers a chance to win a trip for two to Tanzania for an 11-day safari highlighting the wildebeest migration, including guided outings with wildlife experts at multiple national parks. Just tune-in or watch online at to play Big Cat Bingo during Safari Live for a chance to win. For more information, check out the official rules.

The Lakeshore Killers

Lakeshore-KillersThe Lakeshore Killers Premieres Saturday, Nov. 28, 9/8c

Deep in the heart of Africa, three male lions are coming into their prime with much to prove. They must forge strong bonds with a new pride and navigate the dangers of this unique wilderness, competing with hippos and crocodiles to become true pride males and rulers of this land. We get a bird’s-eye view of their survival tactics, including adapting their hunting skills in surprising ways.

Cat Fight

Big Cat Week: TigerCat Fight Premieres Sunday, Nov. 29, 9/8c

A special edition of the popular series Animal Fight Night, Cat Fight reveals the secret tactics of the animal kingdom’s most ferocious feline fighters and brings you closer than ever before to adrenaline-packed fights from Africa, the Americas and beyond. Watch lions fighting tooth and claw to protect their pride from outsiders, and tigers fighting for rights to a hunting ground. In Africa, the big cats of the Savannah go head-to-head with their ultimate enemy — the hyena.

The Ultimate Predator

Big Cat Week: PantherThe Ultimate Predator Premieres Sunday, Nov. 29, 10/9c

It is said that the lion is king of beasts, but is he alone? There are 41 species of cat — the embodiment of feline grace and power, spectacular top predators that command our respect.

Big Cat Games

Big Cat Week: LeopardBig Cat Games Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 2, 9/8c

Big Cat Games pits the world’s most ferocious land predators against each other in a series of trials that will determine once and for all who is king of the cats.

Don’t miss the sixth-annual week-long event, Big Cat Week, beginning this Friday on Nat Geo WILD.

For more information on how you can get involved, visit National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative.


  1. Thomas Luther
    December 3, 2015, 9:18 pm

    LAME!!!! It’s not that a week of big cats is “LAME”, it’s the lack of effort by National Geographic to put out quality shows to fill the week. I am very dissapointer with the cruddy shows that were used to fill the week. I sincerely believe somebody needs a programming demotion.