Dr. K Animal Updates: Bonzai the Pudgy Parakeet

This week on Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, a boa constrictor came in with a severe mouth infection, a ferret was treated for possible lymphoma, and a parakeet was ordered to shed a few pounds for his heart-health. Here’s a recap of some of the major illnesses and complications Dr. K dealt with on the latest episode, and an update from One Fat Parakeet.

Bonzai, a nine-year-old Quaker Parakeet had an abnormal mass that Dr. K discovered to be a benign fatty tumor. Dr. K informed the owner that Bonzai still had a chance of recovering, but under one condition: Bonzai must lose one-third of his weight. Dr. K. takes Bonzai to a cardiologist to check out his heart palpitations, but it is up to Bonzai’s owners to make sure the parakeet sheds that excess load.

We checked in with Bonzai, the once-pudgy parakeet, after his visit with Dr. K. It was a tough road, and Bonzai voiced his displeasure with his new diet regime loud and clear. See how he and his owners are doing now that he’s shed the pounds to maintain a healthy heart:

But that wasn’t the only patient in need, Dr. K also saw Nebraska—a nine-year-old ferret who was brought in for straining to go to the bathroom.

Deerfield Beach, FL, USA: Nebraska the ferret getting her weight taken by a vet tech at the clinic. (Photo Credit: National Geographic Channels/Zack Mather)
Nebraska the ferret. Photograph by National Geographic Channels/Zack Mather

Upon further investigation, Dr. K discovered Nebraska’s heart rate was dangerously low and and her enlarged lymph nodes could be a sign of lymphoma. Dr. K prescribed medicine to decrease Nebraska’s lymph nodes and improve her heart rate, but asks to have a recheck soon. She doesn’t want Nebraska to needlessly suffer.

Abrasion on the upper lip is a cause for concern for Jim’s boa constrictor, Renaissance. Jim brought his snake to the ER to figure out the cause of the irritation. Dr. K diagnosed Renaissance with mouth rot, a common indicator of stress or cage temperature imbalances. However, when examining the source of the problem, Dr. K found a large buildup of dried pus in Renaissance’s nostrils.

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