13 Animals That Will Haunt Your Dreams

We’re getting in the spooky spirit Nat Geo WILD style! But beware, you’re about to see some of the creepiest of creatures known to man. Proceed at your own risk, as these top 13 nightmarish animals are not for the faint of heart. You and your dreams have been warned.

1. Anglerfish


The (not so) pretty deep sea anglerfish may be the scariest animal beneath the surface. Haunting the lonely and lightless depths of the sea, their most unique feature is only found on females—a piece of dorsal spine that extends above their mouth with a luminous tip that lures prey. Their enormously terrifying mouths allow them to swallow prey up to twice their size.

2. Aye Aye Lemur


The Aye-Aye Lemur is the largest nocturnal primate in the world. Some creepy qualities? Their teeth continue to grow their entire life, they have a long middle finger used to find food hidden in trees, and their scary looks has made them a symbol of bad luck in many cultures.

3. Tube-Nosed Bat


The tube nosed bat is nightmarish no doubt. Its tubular nostrils measure to about 6 mm long and project outwards above the mouth. Thought to help with its sound production, the nasal tubes vibrate when the bat gives its high whistling call.

4. Naked Mole Rat


This hairless creature is sure to cause a fright. Despite their unsettling exterior that scares onlookers away, naked mole rats live in social communities. Several dozen rats live together in colonies led by one dominant queen.

5. Star-Nosed Mole


The Star-Nosed Mole looks otherworldly with its nose that is made up of 22 fleshy tentacles. This blind creature uses these sensory tentacles to detect its surroundings. Despite its lack of sight, the mole is known to be one of the fastest hunters.

6. Tarsier


The odd-eyed Tarsier has evolved its distinctive features to aid its nocturnal and arboreal lifestyle. During the night, they sit clinging to vertical branches, waiting motionless as they stalk surroundings with huge eyes. It is also the only completely carnivorous primate in the world.

7. Frilled Shark


Of all the sharks in the sea, the Frilled Shark is definitely the creepiest. It’s terrifying mouth is lined with spines and made up of 25 rows of sharp teeth, making this a bite to beware of.

8. Tarantula


Spidey got you scared? Tarantulas are the largest creepy crawlers in the world. With more than 850 species, they live primarily in the tropical, subtropical, and desert parts of the world. A Tarantula’s diet is made up of  insects, though some are known to enjoy some larger animals, like frogs and mice.

9. Moray Eel


Moray Eels range in size from about 10 cm to 2 meters long and have huge eyes and mouths full of large teeth. They are secretive animals, spending most of their time hiding in holes and crevices amongst the reef. They’re unexpected presence works in their favor, as they are able to ambush any unsuspecting prey that passes.

10. Hairy Frogfish


The Hairy Frogfish is covered in thousands of fleshy spines that give it its shaggy look. This helps the creature blend into coral and seaweed and can even change colors to match their surroundings, making it easier to hide from predators.

11. Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) Head portrait of a Komodo dragon, tongue out, tasting the air. Komodo, Indonesia

The Komodo Dragon is the heaviest of all lizards on earth. Its muscular tail, powerful legs, and sharp claws make this animal one not to be messed with. But their secret weapon is their bacterial saliva. Within 24 hours, their stricken prey usually dies of blood poisoning. They will eat almost anything, including deer, pigs, water buffalo and yep, even humans.

12. Mata-Mata Turtle 


The Mata-Mata turtle’s infamous neck is longer than its vertebrae. Its exterior is covered with warts and ridges with skin flaps on the head, which are known to help detect prey. When the time is right, the Mata-Mata will plunge its head out with its mouth open wide, rapidly sucking its dinner in and swallowing it whole.

13. Gharial


The gharial’s most distinctive characteristic is its elongated snout, which is most thought to be used as a vocal resonator. The elongated jaws are lined with the sharpest of razor-like teeth that were adapted for their fish diet.

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